National Diaper Bank Network 2020 Annual Report


Real Action

NDBN, along with our member diaper banks and period supply programs, responded with real action. Programs adapted, adjusting their operations to conduct drive-through and mobile distributions in their communities.

Our members are on track to distribute millions more diapers and period supplies in 2020 than ever before. On average, 50% more diapers are being distributed monthly to families in need than prior to COVID-19, with many programs reporting increases of 200% to 600%, or more.

During May and June alone, NDBN and our founding sponsor Huggies® distributed more than 20 million donated diapers to member programs throughout the country. By year’s end, we expect to set a new single-year distribution record of 34.8 million donated diapers and 5.2 million wipes!

Likewise, the Alliance for Period Supplies and our founding sponsor U by Kotex® will also set a record in 2020. Together, we will distribute more than 14.8 million donated period supplies to our allied programs by the end of the year!

These achievements are made possible through the support of Kimberly-Clark Corp., the parent company of the Huggies and U by Kotex brands.


Photo courtesy of HappyBottoms